2018 Photo Gallery (30th Anniversary Ride)

It was an honour to photograph the Canadian Oilfield Rider’s annual motorcycle run in support of the Children’s Wish Foundation.

Tiffany Rose – Tiffany Rose Photography

Celebrating 30 Years – 1988 to 2018

Canadian Oilfield Riders on your 30th Anniversary Ride

Thank you, rider’s, sponsors, and supporters for your participation for the last 30 years in our ride to benefit the Children’s Wish Foundation. Your support has allowed the granting of wishes of children with life threatening health issues to have something to reflect on rather then their day to day medical problems.


I have been asked to give you a brief look back into the history of how and why we got started.


Having a lifelong involvement in being a gear head, I knew you gravitate to likeminded people. Having a previous trap shooting history with Al Waddle and knowing he was a bike rider as well, we teamed up to co-chair a loose-fitting group along with oilfield motorcycle friends Mark Fleming and Bushy as well as several now other deceased original members. We were successful in raising a few dollars and so begot the Oilfield Riders.


Unfortunately, at about this time my best friends 4-year-old son succumbed to leukemia. Before his passing, a local group in their area granted him a wish and sent him to Disneyland. He would have been 35 years old this year!


Since then we have established a 30-year relationship with The Children’s Wish Foundation and through your willingness to ride through Rain, Snow, Hail and what ever else was thrown at you and garnering support, donations and well as having a hell of a good time I commend you and hope you carry on for years to come.


Give yourself and your current committee a hearty round of applause and a special pat on the head to longtime supporters Rod Wick and Eddy Lance.



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