2019 Route Map

Lifepath Wellness
175 Chestermere Station Way,
Chestermere, AB T1X 0A4

Get on Trans-Canada Hwy/AB-1 E from Chestermere Blvd/AB-1A
3 min (1.9 km)

Take AB-9 E and AB-564 E to Township Rd 263 in Wheatland County
37 min (60.6 km)

Continue on Township Rd 263. Drive to Main St in Rockyford
10 min (8.6 km)

50 min (71.1 km)

101 Main St, Rockyford, AB T0J 2R0

Head northwest on Main St toward 1 Ave W
450 m

Turn right onto Serviceberry Trail
93 m

Continue onto Range Rd 233
3.6 km

Continue onto Township Rd 270
170 m

Continue straight onto Range Rd 232
12.9 km

Continue onto AB-836 N
12.0 km

Turn left onto Caradoc Ave
90 m

27 min (29.3 km)

424 Caradoc Ave
Carbon, AB T0M 0L0

Head north on Caradoc Ave toward Rosebud St/AB-836 N
90 m

Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Rosebud St/AB-836 N

Continue to follow AB-836 N
2.6 km

Turn right onto AB-575 E/AB-836 N

Continue to follow AB-575 E
22.2 km

Turn left onto AB-837 N
9.2 km

Turn right onto N Dinosaur Trail/AB-838 E
2.1 km

26 min (36.2 km)

Unnamed Road

Head east on N Dinosaur Trail
120 m

18 s (120 m)

N Dinosaur Trail
Munson, AB T0J 2C0

Follow N Dinosaur Trail/AB-838 E, AB-56 S and AB-10X S to Jewell St in Drumheller
37 min (38.0 km)

Turn right onto Jewell St
40 s (260 m)

37 min (38.3 km)

555 Jewell St
Rosedale, AB T0J 2V